The Basics

What is a CNBBankDirect account?

CNBBankDirect accounts are FDIC-insured online accounts. They offer CD-level rates, but without the long-term commitment. Link any non-CNB checking or savings account to a CNBBankDirect account and the money you electronically transfer will earn our competitive rate. When you need to withdraw the funds, simply transfer the money back to your other account.

Is CNBBankDirect related to Citizens National Bank? is a division of Citizens National Bank, an OH based bank founded in 1920. To view FDIC Call reports go to and search for Citizens National Bank of Bluffton. To learn more about Citizens National Bank, view our website at

How do I contact

You may contact a Customer Care Center representative through a toll-free number. Simply call 1-877-777-9358 or click here to send a secure email.

Opening Your CNBBankDirect Account

How do I open a CNBBankDirect Account?

It’s quick and easy to open your CNBBank Direct account. All you need is a personal checking or personal savings account. Choose “Open Now” from the homepage, then follow the step–by–step process of completing your personal information, specifying if you’d like it to be a joint account and naming your beneficiary(s). CNBBankDirect accounts may only be opened online.

Do I have to change banks?

No. Your CNBBankDirect account can be linked to any non-CNB checking or savings account, giving you easy access to your funds through your existing financial institution.

What is a "linked" account?

When you open your account, you designate what checking or savings account you want it linked to. Once your account is opened you will create your Online Banking access and then designate up to five “linked” transfer accounts. Once you verify the accounts, you can transfer to and from your CNBBankDirect account.

Can I change my linked account once it is set up?

Yes. You may change your transfer account at any time through Online Banking. You will simply need to verify ownership of the account as you did with initial setup. This is either done through real-time verification by asking a series of out of wallet questions, or may be done through test transactions.

Must I maintain a minimum balance in my CNBBankDirect account?

You must keep a balance at least $1.00 in your account to keep it open. Any account with a balance of $0.00 for 60 consecutive calendar days will be closed.

How do I know when my CNBBankDirect account is set up?

You will receive a confirmation email the same business day that you open the account. You'll also receive an email on how to set up your Online Banking account along with how to set up your transfer accounts.

What type of identification will I need to apply for this account?

A valid driver’s license or state identification card issued by the United States or local State Government is required to be provided when you apply. At this time we are not able to accept other forms of ID. Examples: Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and Passport.

How CNBBankDirect Works

How do I log in to view my account?

Go to and click on “Log In”. If it is your first time logging in you will click on “Enroll Now”, after that you will enter your username and password.

How do I access my money?

The “External Transfer” tab will allow you to transfer to and from your account. The first time you will have to verify your external account(s). After you have gone through the one-time verification process, you can begin transferring funds between your CNBBankDirect account and your checking or savings account.

How do I verify my funding accounts?

You have two options for verifying your funding account. If your bank is part of the Transfer Now network, you may choose real-time verification. With Real Time Verification, you will need to enter your user name and password used to log into the other bank’s website. The other option is to perform test transactions on your account. To verify your debits you will need to view your linked checking or savings account's transaction history or call your bank for the debit amounts. Once you obtain the 2 amounts, log in to Online Banking using your Access ID and password. Click on “External Transfers” and click on “Manage Accounts”. Once the trial deposits post to your external account; click on “Activate Now” to verify the deposits and activate the account. After you correctly verify the amounts you will have access to transfer your money.

How long does it take for transfers to and from my CNBBankDirect account?

Initial funds deposited to the account at opening will have a hold placed on them for up to 5 business days. After that, standard delivery could take up to 3 business days before receiving access to the funds.

Can I view transactions posted to my CNBBankDirect account?

To view your account 24/7, just log on to using your user name and password.

How often do I receive a statement?

Statements are generated monthly and may be viewed anytime from within Online Banking.

How do I close my account?

Should you decide to close your CNBBankDirect account, simply login to Online Banking. Complete the Close Account Form. You will receive email notification once the account has been closed.

Security And Privacy

Are my deposits insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)?

Yes, the FDIC insures funds in your CNBBankDirect account through Citizens National Bank. You can learn more about the FDIC at their website,

How do you keep my account secure?

Your account can only be accessed with your unique user name and password. In addition, we employ device authentication and if you’re logging in from a different device or different location than usual you will be asked a challenge question.

What about information privacy?

Neither or Citizens National Bank will ever share your personal information with an outside party. For our complete privacy policy, click here.

How can I learn more about the parent company of CNBBankDirect, Citizens National Bank?

For more information on the performance of our institution, you may visit and review FDIC Certificate # 6531, The Citizens National Bank of Bluffton.