Top 4 reasons why people hate their jobs -- and what to do about them

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How sexism in tech is affecting the female pipeline

Some experts worry that all the bad press about sexism in tech could discourage women from becoming engineers or pursuing other tech careers, further damaging and already-tenuous pipeline.

The problem with the lack of female leaders

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5 simple steps to retiring rich

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How to talk about money on a first date

Money troubles can start early in a relationship -- even as early as the first date. So how do you set those expectations early on?

Too few patients shop around for health coverage

Despite having more financial "skin in the game" than ever, many consumers don't make any attempt to compare prices for health care services, a newly released study found.

3 tips for women negotiating a raise

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What top employers look for in new college grads

Only 1% of recruiters say grades and the name of your college are top factors, according to a survey from Korn Ferry Futurestep.

Should I invest my emergency savings in the stock market?

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5 things every gig worker should know

Making the transition from being a full-time employee to gig worker isn't easy. You'll need to restructure your finances to ensure income security and make sure you're not selling yourself short.